Modern web developers use a set of technologies to build sites and applications. The resort is a combination of programming languages, patterns, servers and tools to develop the project. There are countless combinations of these elements and the combination of elements can quickly develop cloud-ready applications and sophisticated websites.

MEAN is a collection of technologies that are associated with Javascript and is used to build web-based applications. It covers MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js and Node.js. If you want to build a dynamic website, then the MEAN stack is an ideal choice for us. Full-stack development is used by developers in building fast and powerful web-based applications.

Technologies under the MEAN stack are:

  • MongoDB: it handles web application database
  • Express.js: it is a node.js framework to build APIs web applications
  • Angular.js: the frontend developer is maintained by Google
  • Node.js: it handles the server-side

Advantages of MEAN

  • MEAN helps in the rapid development of applications
  • It is a free full-stack Javascript that leverages the popularity of Javascript
  • Uniform language
  • Very low memory footprint
  • Keeps your applications groundwork
  • It makes the code isomorphic
  • MongoDB is built for the cloud


There are many variations to MEAN and it is also very common in web development teams. It remains the most common stack in web development based on the power of its components.