Java Technologies

It is felt that Java is older than stones. It was organized by Sun Microsystems and is one of the oldest programming languages. It is a blessing for back-end or front-end developers. With the popularity of Java, the high demand skilled java developer faces challenges of the talent shortage. It is majorly used as the secure platform that offers the best security and is trusted by most of the financial and banking giants in the industry.

Java is one programming language that is most scalable, flexible, and robust that allows developers to use this language in creating any type of application, including software, web applications, website development, etc. It is equipped with a wide range of features that make it a perfect tool for website development. It helps developers in building websites and it can benefit from these trends to polish your skills to stay in demand always.

Java’s strengths in the software development world include:

  • Java is used in more industries compared to any other development language.
  • It is the #1 development language for microservices
  • It remains the #1 programming language for developers
  • It is amongst the top five widely used languages by developers worldwide.

Since it has a large number of devices and most Android apps are written in Java, developers will not see a decline soon in the industry. It has a unique charm and a massive ecosystem of Java that will have a bright and rewarding future with dominance in all types of tech niches.

List of Companies using Java Technology

  • Google
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • Slack
  • Uber
  • Spotify

Why is Java Thriving?

The major reason behind the popularity of Java is that it promises the latest technology trends. With support from many programming languages, it is going to be in demand for several years. The reasons why Java is still in the industry is:

  • It is simple to understand
  • Independent platform
  • Secure
  • Worker thread enabled
  • Support community
  • Object-oriented
  • High resource availability


Many benefits can be achieved with a website development tool. However, not all developers are experts while some are making their name in the industry. You need some professionals that can handle such a level of a project. Hire Java developers and understand the process of development directly from the experts.