DevOps Technologies

DevOps integrates software development and information technology to perform tasks with nominal human interruption. It is a culture where collaboration between development, operations and business teams is considered a critical aspect of the application journey.

DevOps increases an organization's capability to deliver a high-quality solution at a swift pace. It automates all processes starting from the build to the deployment of an application. It is a full lifecycle investment with a team undertaking that enables better software development and delivery practices. It accelerates the last mile of continuous delivery.

Fulfilling Objectives to Help Achieve Seamless Delivery

Instead of releasing a large number of application features, companies are trying to see if a small number of features can be rolled out to customers. To ensure high customer satisfaction, the companies are required to achieve objectives such as:

  • The lower failure rate for new release
  • Deployment frequency increase
  • Shortened lead time between fixes

Benefits of DevOps

  • Predictability: it offers a significantly lower failure rate for new releases
  • Greater Quality: it enables a team to create an improved quality of application development
  • Time to Market: it reduces time to market with streamlined software delivery
  • Maintainability: crashing current application, effort less recovery process in the event
  • Reduced Risk: it incorporates security attributes in the software lifecycle assisting in the reduction of defects
  • Cost efficiency: it offers cost-efficiency in software development with the inspiration of senior management
  • Breaks code to be manageable: based on agile programming methods, it allows for breaking down large code bases into small or manageable codes.

The Key to Effective Adoption

Adoption of organization-wide DevOps is a slippery slope. We recognize any kind of transformation that is not a size fit for all. To access the specific needs, we need to evaluate before implementing any changes. To strengthen the recommended approach, we work with the team to incorporate changes through comprehensive training with the concept of processes and tools needed to effectively implement the DevOps process.