This page contains the complete terms and conditions between the user and Hesper IT Labs, the publisher of the Hesper IT Labs website. At the time of using this website, the user agrees to the following terms and conditions of the Hesper IT Labs. Any of the terms may get revised at any point in time is at the sole discretion without notifying the user, by making the web pages updated. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, the user consent with every term of agreement of the website thereof.


The services cater by Hesper IT Labs are only made available to the individuals who are legally bound by the applicable law of the government. The user may use this website and the services during the period if you are a registered user.


  • The user agrees not to use any trademark, marks of the services, names, logos, or any other kinds of identifiers of the respective website or its employees, licensors, contractors and the providers. In addition to these, the user may not also be affiliated trademarks: 1. as a part of your own trademark or for any other third party;
  • To establish any other product or the service which is not a part of the website;
  • In any manner that makes Hesper IT Labs or any related affiliation sponsor or endorsement connected with the user's own activities, products, services or maybe for the third party;
  • In any perspective of creating confusion with the matter of website:

The user is not allowed to download, display, and create any images, text from the website or exploit the website by any other means. The website and its content are protected by the trademark and copyright laws of the respective country, national and international, and other laws also applicable.


This respective website makes the user of Hesper IT Labs available to the e-mail notifications, the newsletter, broad messages services (bulletin board services), products review and some other interactive and creative communication choices from this website. The user is totally responsible to transmit or endorse any communication as being their own and even make their views represent.

Making the site a safer and secure environment for working, the user agrees not to distribute, or upload any material through this website, which includes the following:

  • Any sale of goods and services for commercial and advertisement purpose;
  • Not cause any kind of injury to the person or entity;
  • Not violate or breach any law and regulations;
  • Not use any sexually explicit, abusive or pornographic material on to the site and its related pages;
  • Not amend any intellectual right of the property or trademark;
  • Contains any false or misleading indications of the statement used ;
  • Not contains any malfunctions or malicious software destroying the functionality of the computer software, hardware and it's communication equipment.
  • Not concluded any other person or its entity, that clutches the information and data about the visitors on the website.


Hesper IT Labs at its whole discretion is responsible for making any deletion, alteration, or change on the comments of the user from any of its affiliated sites, for no reason at sometimes. Hesper IT Labs reserves the right for efficiently handling the information of the user which may or may not be inaccurate, incomplete, and defamatory to the views of the website. In the condition any of the user comment is deleted, altered, modified or removed from the website, then the user has the acknowledgment to waive any and all legal remedies available to them by the law of government.


With the term and condition of the website, the user provides true, complete, and accurate information on the registration form and keeps the information updated from time to time. At the time of posting any information on to the respective website, the user agrees to give the complete, accurate and true data and information. Hesper IT Labs has the right to terminate your registered account on discovering any inaccurate, incomplete information or post posted and given by the user.


The user is obliged NOT to do any of the below-mentioned activities while using this website:

  • Breach any applicable rule and regulation of the website
  • Do not tamper with any of the posts of other user's
  • Post any logos, design, seal of the third party without the acknowledgment of the website;
  • Do not access to any public or non-authorized area of the site, otherwise, the user may be subjected to prosecution;
  • Not post any misleading information or service on the website;
  • Post nay services and content that infringes with the third party intellectual property rights of public and privacy.
  • If the user misrepresent the affiliation with any other person or entity;
  • Not replying to the mail received from the Hesper IT Labs.ca in content for any of the violation, dispute, or complaint.

Hesper IT Labs will cancel the user's membership if found guilty of violating or performing inconsistently with any written material for the agreement or breaking down the rights of any third party also.


The agreement collaborates the complete terms and conditions between the user and the respected website of www.Hesper IT Labsglobal.com, www.Hesper IT Labsglobal.ca enforces any provision of the agreement for the cause of failure shall not be entertained as a waiver of the right.