We at "Hesper IT Labs" are committed to respect your online privacy and recognize the need for proper management and provide opportune protection for any of the user personal information you share with us. This privacy and security statement is applicable to this site only.

Personal information means any data used to identify or recognize any individual including, their first or last initials, contact information, and home or any other address.

The website is operated in accordance with the Government Information Privacy Principles rules and regulations.

This site clutches and uses the following information from users:


For the purpose of statistics - a record of your visits and logs purposes are maintained keeping the IP address, the time and date of the viewer visit, the pages the viewer visited and documents downloaded, any other website visited and the kind of web browser used for access. No efforts are made to identify the user and their browsing activities, except in some cases of investigation, where the law comes into the bind to inspect our services provided to the clients/ customers. All these data are analyzed at the month's end to re-assure the site usages statistics.

The privacy of the user is kept at the optimum security of the people who send email through our " contact us" option, for the purpose of receiving a revert on email. They are kept securely in a safe and secure area of message service system and is not to be used for any other activities, neither made open without the user's consent.


Some information is not personal information for the purpose of IPPs. Nevertheless, the viewer/user agree to make the use of the information to establish their complete ownership of the trade and to make the website administrator contact the site owner, to either confirm (not) about the registration of the web pages in the website and advice about the link being published on the website.


without the consent of the user, any data and information will never be shared with any third party in accordance with the information privacy policy of the government.

The personal information of the viewer/ user is protected with the site administrator in collaboration with the government IPPs.


For any breach of the privacy and security of data and information of the user while being collected, re-stored or passed on to this website, the website www.Hesper IT is responsible. All the agencies of government are responsible for the security and privacy of data collected by, stored or passed on to their own established websites.

Sometimes, there is inherent risk related to the transmission of the data and information of the user through the internet. The user should make their own assessment of the future risks for the security of their information while making a decision to whether to join or not that website for the potential use.

Please remember that this website contains a myriad of links to the large number of websites that contains the content related to the community, business up-growth and government. When the user clicks on the links provided arraying to the other website, they leave this website and the privacy and security concerns are not applied on that website

The privacy and security concerns and statements may be updated at any instant of time without any prior notification. So, we recommend the user if you return to the website of Hesper IT Labs on a regular basis please read the information clearly provided above.